Your B2B content marketing strategy calls for doing a company video with customer testimonials promoting your company. Or maybe you want to feature your people talking about the unique things your company can deliver to its customers. Our first piece of advice:  Never, ever give these people a script to read. Even if they can read the script from a teleprompter, the words they’ll use and the way they’ll say them won’t seem natural. It’s all because these people are not trained actors.

So what do you do to make things more believable?

Simple. Instead of giving them a script to read for filming, ask them pertinent questions from off-camera. It’s the way interviews for documentaries are shot all the time and will provide a much more believable and interesting delivery.

To help them plot out their responses, feel free to give them your list of questions ahead of time. Be sure to ask many of the same questions to everyone interviewed. And be sure to capture plenty of footage to reinforce all the positive things your interviewees are describing with their stories.

Then to help with the editing, get a transcript of the footage. With the transcriptions, you can then do what we call a “paper edit” – a piecing together of the best responses that tell your story. It greatly helps to reduce the cost of the actual video editing.

Sound like too much work? Then ask the Drucker Group to produce your next testimonial video. It’s something we have lots of experience creating as a b2b marketing agency. Here are just two examples: