All the brand news that’s fit to print
In today’s marketing landscape, online experiences reign supreme. Is there still a place for print publications? The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, many well-known brands in both the B2C and B2B spaces are developing and producing print publications. Branded publications work as a valuable counterpart to online marketing, and provide something different – a personal, unhurried, and engaging experience for audiences.

In each publication we create, the form follows the content’s unique voice. Journalists, writers, art directors, and publications pros ensure the writing, design, photography, and typography arise from your company’s established brand. From start to finish, it’s all about your latest products, current news, success stories, company culture, and thought leadership. And the content generated for the publication can also be shared online, driving an integrated brand message in all mediums.

We’ve created publications for many of our clients. Here are some recent examples:

For Rainsoft, a 60-year-old residential water treatment  brand, Pipeline builds and maintains mutually-beneficial relations with their independent dealers all over the world.
For INX International, a leading producer of ink and coatings, Color Perfection® inspires brand managers, package design teams and creative professionals at multinational consumer brands.
For Modagrafics, a company that produces and installs branded decals for CPGs, retailers and their tractor-trailer fleets, Brand News showcases the latest innovations delivering high-impact graphics in Out of Home advertising media.
For Mid America Paper Recycling, a recycling services company, Waste Into Wealth establishes the firm as a thought leader in today’s competitive paper packaging industry.