As Chicago’s fourth largest bank, MB Financial had been preoccupied with completing acquisition integrations and maintaining a large portfolio of consumer and business banking products.  Teams and services needed to be consolidated, streamlined and updated to be more competitive, and Small Business client acquisition needed to be accelerated through MB’s 86 Chicagoland branches to grow deposits.

Drucker VOC research indicated that the bank’s branch center managers (BCMs) were an under-leveraged asset that could become the face of the brand and significantly differentiate it against the mega-banks.  BCMs worked hard to build personal relationships with their clients and help them in many ways to run their businesses better, and small businesses loved it. To capture the essence of the brand we brought the engaging personalities of MB’s people to light and shared all that they did to “Mean Business” for their customers with the broader market.

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Watch the video on how 86 neighborhood-based personalization projects gained leads and conversions for MB.