Critical findings that drive marketing strategy and communication tactics

For the Drucker Group, research is much more than numbers and opinions. It’s a deep dive into the psyche of your buyers. When approached for their intelligence, customers open up to reveal real needs, critiques, and buying habits. Internal audits reveal real feelings and experiences that often never reach the executive suite. Quantitative and qualitative research provides support. The Drucker Group has the experience to provide it all, and more.



The Process


We find things. At our core, we’re investigative marketers that help clients find ways to grow and develop business. Through carefully developed research methodologies, we uncover customer perceptions and preferences, critical insights, market opportunities and more. With our findings, we build strong brand strategies, persuasive creative ideas and opportunistic promotional programs.

Research Services

  • Voice of Customer Studies
  • Awareness, Attitude, Usage (AAU) Studies
  • Focus Groups
  • Customer Advisory Groups
  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Segmentation Studies
  • Competitor Studies
  • New Product Concept Testing

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